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HireRight EWS Solution™ – On-Demand Solution for Managing Extended Workforce Screening (EWS)

Extended Workforce, Contractor and Consultant Background Checks

Reduce Extended Workforce Risks

Your organization’s entire workforce introduces risk, whether these individuals are your employees or not, so it is vitally important to take control of the screening for your extended workforce that may include independent contractors, temporary workers, professional consultants or other non-employees. Otherwise, another organization will essentially determine the background screening requirements, if any, for part of your workforce. Let the specially designed HireRight Extended Workforce Screening (EWS) Solution streamline extended workforce screening for your organization and help reduce potential risks.

Achieve Screening Consistency

The HireRight EWS Solution enables your organization to ensure extended workers meet policy requirements by allowing you to determine the screening standards your vendors must meet. Start by choosing an extended workforce screening program profile that best matches your organization and then select options that adapt the profile to your organization’s unique requirements. The HireRight EWS Solution seamlessly integrates with other HireRight solutions so your organization can manage its entire background screening program from a unified solution and experience the same quality results for all elements of your workforce.

Encourage Vendor Adoption

The HireRight EWS Solution delivers a satisfying vendor experience that maximizes participation in your extended workforce screening program. This begins with the solution sending your vendors personalized e-mail invitations with simple instructions for quickly activating their account online and initiating their first background checks with ease. It continues with HireRight sharing its vast expertise of extended workforce screening through an exclusive Vendor Center of Excellence to ensure a positive experience for your vendors and a successful program for your organization.

Other Key Benefits of the HireRight EWS Solution:

  • Automates extended workforce screening programs
  • Consolidates program management to a single solution
  • Promotes vendor compliance with screening policies
  • Leverages industry best practices and HireRight expertise
  • Simplifies implementation and expansion of EWS programs
  • Reduces management and administrative workloads

Human Resource Executive – Top HR Product, 2008

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