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HireRight Connect - An Integration Platform for Pre-Integrated Solutions, Custom Integrations and Data Feeds

Connect Screening and Hiring Processes

HireRight Connect is an integration platform that enables the connection between HireRight products and services and your organization’s applications and systems. It supports the delivery of HireRight Pre-integrated Solutions for industry leading talent management suites, and through the HireRight Connect API, provides components to support custom integrations with applications, and tools for securely transferring screening information to your systems. Complement your organization’s talent management suite, recruiting application and business system process with integrated background screening solutions using HireRight Connect.

Maximize Talent Management Suites

HireRight Connect Pre-integrated Solutions help organizations manage their background screening program through industry leading talent management suites to offer greater visibility and control while accelerating the screening process. By establishing a single interface, HireRight Connect Pre-integrated Solutions bring an unprecedented level of efficiency to the recruitment and hiring process and make managing screening programs easier than ever before. HireRight Connect Pre-integrated Solutions help your organization make the most of its talent management suite.

Simplify Integration with Applications

The HireRight Connect API (application programming interface) is an enabling technology that dramatically reduces the effort associated with integrating applications and exchanging information with HireRight products and services. This makes the integration of custom applications and creation of data feeds possible and enables the deployment of a single version of an application. The HireRight Connect API makes it faster and easier to create new solutions that make the most of the HireRight experience.

Key Benefits of HireRight Connect:

  • Establish a seamless screening and hiring process
  • Securely transfer screening information to systems
  • Consolidate user interfaces to streamline workflows
  • Create solutions with HireRight products and services
  • Consolidate business processes for greater efficiency
  • Do more with applicant information and screening results

HireRight Connect Pre-Integrated Solutions

Through the HireRight Connect integration platform, your organization can take advantage of HireRight Connect Pre-integrated Solutions to increase the return on investment (ROI) from its talent management suite. Access HireRight background checking, drug testing, employment eligibility and other services, plus view screening results in real-time. With HireRight Connect Pre-integrated Solutions, you streamline your hiring process and leverage existing information by managing your screening program from your talent management suite.

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