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HireRight Enterprise Employment Background and Drug Screening

HireRight Enterprise – A Feature-Rich Screening Management Solution for Large and Global Organizations

Employment Background and Drug Screening Solution
Compliance Central Applicant Center

Broaden Your Program with Confidence

HireRight Enterprise is a highly integrated Enterprise Screening Management (ESM) solution that advances screening programs to provide greater efficiency, consistency, effectiveness and compliance. Advanced capabilities such as intelligent ordering, dynamic reports and automatic compliance help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and screening program policies.

Achieve Consistent Screening Results Worldwide

HireRight Enterprise maximizes efficiency for greater productivity, integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and systems, and enables the expansion of the workforce screening program globally to address the entire workforce effortlessly while requiring minimal organizational resources.

Maintain Centralized Control, Visibility and Compliance

HireRight Enterprise allows for centralized oversight with centralized or decentralized execution by bringing all screening activities, tasks and tools together in one location to provide increased time savings, greater visibility and control, and unparalleled compliance.

Other Key Benefits of HireRight Enterprise:

  • Expedite the verification process and deliver an improved candidate experience through Applicant Center Learn More
  • Improves program effectiveness with a unified screening solution that facilitates effective management
  • Reduces operational costs by streamlining workflows, facilitating accurate orders and saving time
  • Mitigates risk by allowing organizations to protect themselves against negligent hiring and retention lawsuits
  • Automated tools support compliance with legislation, support privacy protection and facilitating periodic audits
  • Helps organizations keeps their workplace safe, protects their reputations and reduce theft and fraud

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