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HireRight FastForward

HireRight FastForward

The FastForward program allows you to easily extend the benefits of background screening services to your franchises, association members, or other non-company owned entities. It provides discounted pricing and quick and easy setup of the background screening process, from a pre-approved vendor, to help your entities hire the best for their business. This enables your entities to stay focused on running their business while also helping ensure they hire smart and protect the extension of your brand.

Key Features:
  • Protect your organization's reputation and brand
  • Offer a valuable solution to your entities
  • Easy to enroll and simple to use

Protect Your Organization’s Reputation and Brand

Protect your brand by encouraging your entities to adopt the same screening practices your organization abides by to uphold its reputation. HireRight FastForward provides a co-branded, online destination that enables your entities to use HireRight background screening solutions. As a result, your entities can remain compliant with your organization’s screening guidelines.

Offer a Valuable Solution to Your Entities

With HireRight FastForward, you can select the best screening solution for your entities - one that includes an online software application, best practice screening package recommendations, preferred discount pricing, and award-winning customer support. Selecting a HireRight FastForward option for your entities eliminates the need for them to perform time-consuming research, takes the guesswork out of choosing a credible provider, and delivers a convenient, ready-to-use solution.

Easy to Enroll and Simple to Use

Your entities can get started in minutes by visiting a co-branded website and registering online. To encourage participation from your entities, HireRight can provide your organization with promotional support and recruitment tools such as e-mail templates, printed materials and marketing campaigns. Once an entity registers, it gains access to educational resources that demonstrate how to quickly and easily perform a background check.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduces liability and risk to your organization from your entities
  • Makes background screening accessible for your entities
  • Takes the guesswork out of selecting a credible background screening provider
  • Helps your entities improve their hiring by ensuring that candidates meet requirements
  • Provides preferred discount pricing
  • Tracks the enrollment and participation of your entities

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