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Solutions in Canada

With an established office in the multicultural city of Toronto, HireRight has an in-depth understanding of procuring background information throughout the provinces and territories, with specific adherence to Canadian federal and provincial laws. As a result, HireRight can efficiently provide background checks for employers with Canadian locations or a need to screen an individual with a residential or educational history in Canada.

HireRight's employment background screening services in Canada include:

  • Indication of criminal record searches
  • Individual credit reports
  • Education and employment verifications
  • Professional licenses and certification verifications
  • Reference interviews
  • Driver record abstracts (except Alberta)
  • Civil and bankruptcy record searches
  • Lien and property searches
  • Internet and media presence searches
  • Corporate registration searches
  • International terrorism, financial, and political sanctions searches

Helping Compliance with Ontario Bill 168

Bill 168, which amends Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and went into force in June 2010, requires Ontario employers with more than five employees to take specific steps to address the issues of workplace violence and workplace harassment.

HireRight can help Ontario employers to comply with this requirement by performing background checks on all your employees — both prospective and current. To add another layer of protection, we can also help perform certain criminal records checks for your current employees on an ongoing basis.

Helping Compliance with OSFI Guideline E-17

The Canadian Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) issued Guideline E-17 in 2009, mandating that all Responsible Persons of Federally Regulated Entities (FREs), most notably members of boards of directors and senior management, be subject to a thorough background check upon initial appointment to their position. These individuals must likewise undergo routine, ongoing assessments during the tenure of their positions. Such assessments are used to gauge the continued suitability and integrity of these Responsible Persons. OSFI expects every FRE to have a written policy regarding the performance of assessments of their Responsible Persons.

Guideline E-17 applies to all FREs, including:

  • Banks and bank holding companies
  • Insurance companies and insurance holding companies
  • Trust and loan companies
  • Co-operative credit associations
  • Retail associations

More detailed definitions may be found in the full text of OSFI Guideline E-17.

HireRight's range of screening services in Canada can help organizations to comply with Guideline E-17.

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