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Solutions in Europe

Although the European Union has adopted a wide range of laws (regulations, directives and decisions) intending to establish increased consistency among the Member States' economic and political systems, significant variations remain in Member States' national laws on matters that have not been legislated by the EU.

Each European country has a different level of experience and understanding of employment screening, as well as specific cultural expectations regarding the practice. Further complicating the screening landscape within Europe are the many languages in which the screening is executed. With offices in London and Brighton, England, we at HireRight are comfortable navigating these challenges. Additionally, we fully understand the types and level of information available within each country, as well as the various legal requirements with which we must comply.

The laws and facilities of each country will affect what screening services can be provided but in general we can provide some or all of the following services:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Employment verifications
  • Education and credential verifications
  • Reference verifications
  • Local-language media/public domain searches and integrity checking
  • Credit reporting and financial histories
  • Due diligence checking
  • Compliance and risk database checks
  • Identity documentation/passport checks

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