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Global Reach, Local Touch

The ever-increasing interweaving of the world's economy has led to new screening issues for employers. Organizations now recruit from a diverse candidate base located all over the world, presenting new challenges in verifying backgrounds and capabilities. At the same time, a great many employers want to maintain consistent screening and verifications policies across their entire global operation. HireRight understands these challenges and has developed unmatched global screening solutions to help address them.

HireRight provides a wide range of employment screening services in more than 200 countries and territories, supported by a network of global offices and providers. Moreover, we understand the various nuances and local practices necessary to obtain thorough information from data sources across the world. Our sensitivity to cultural protocols means primary sources feel comfortable in sharing background information with us.

We don't just know how to ask for information – we know all the key languages needed to get it. HireRight's researchers can speak, read, and write in more than 50 languages, including regional dialects in vast countries like India and China.

HireRight Global Services

  • Criminal records searches
  • Education verifications
  • Professional license and credential verifications
  • Employment verifications
  • Local-language media/public domain searches and integrity checking
  • Driving records checks
  • Credit reporting or financial responsibility
  • Due diligence checking
  • Prohibited Parties
  • Industry and country specific verifications
A Different Approach to Global Screening

Many background screening companies that claim to offer global capabilities are only able to meet the needs of organizations interested in screening prospective employees who have worked, lived, or studied outside the country in which the organization is based. In contrast, HireRight’s global capabilities are able to handle the enterprise-wide needs of organizations with locations around the world.

Results You Can Trust

HireRight is able to deliver quality services in a timely manner as a result of our understanding of the intricacies of each local market served. We are well-versed in country-specific regulations that govern access to information about individuals and we work closely with our customers to ensure compliance with applicable data protection and transfer legislation. That expertise, combined with our platform and process know-how, enables us to deliver a flexible, reliable and efficient global service offering for employers around the world.

Key benefits:
  • Web-based order interface
  • Consolidated user-friendly reports
  • Privacy and consent forms in multiple languages
  • Around-the-clock multi-lingual verifications staff
  • Worldwide research network
  • Global compliance expertise
  • 24x5 customer service (including in-country customer service in key markets)

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